Viral relations

Documentary Comedy Series - 8 episodes

Comedians Shahar Hason and Yohay Sponder go out on a journey across the country searching answers for the biggest questions that has arose following the Covid-19 epidemic. The two meet scientists ,economy experts, business men, agriculture experts and fortune tellers’ all while trying to figure out the truth behind all the information: Who are we allowd to meet up with? When will it all end? And will the world survive this whole mess?

Dafna Danenberg

Founder & Main producer

Dafna is an executive producer with an established professional record in Television, working for the biggest networks such as HOT, YES, Keshet, Reshet, Kan 11 and Channel 10. Dafna produced the fifth season of “The Amazing Race”-The Israeli Edition;  the TV comedy “Who gave you a license?”; Israel’s most successful youth dramas “Elisha” and “Kfula”; “The Good Cop”- a TV drama with the renowned actor and comedian Yuval Semo that was adapted by NETFLIX; Gidi Gov’s Talk Show; Shay Stern’s talk show; The prime time entertainment show “The Battle of the Sexes”; Yair Lapid’s and Eli Yatzpan’s talk shows; Orly and Guy’s successful morning show, and so many others.